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An introduction to our new season, Drift

Come and linger for a while. Be distracted. Put down your tasks and amble.

This season, the Sheridan design team journeyed to Western Australia to be immersed in the landscape of our most westerly point. The Spring / Summer ’16 Collection is an articulation of the soft textures, hues and beautiful quality of natural light we found there.

Our team of in house artists and designers were enamoured by the changing levels of light they experienced as they drifted throughout the day – from washed out colours of the morning’s first light, to the sharp shadows and saturated blues in the height of the afternoon, to the diffused light and subtle tones of the setting sun.

They created mood boards and gathered inspiration, which formed the beginning of a beautiful new season.

This season explores the calming feeling of drift, unwinding, of peaceful rest, at home.

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