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Caring for your bed linen

The good news is, all our bed linen is easy care. Our entire Bed linen Collection can be popped in the tumble dryer, perfect for our busy lifestyles.

With your sheeting and bedding in constant use, it’s important to take care of them so they last longer and ensure you have sweet dreams.

To get the best results, follow the care instructions on product labels.

However, as a general rule, we have put together a few things to remember when caring for your bedlinen.

  1. Wash your sheets weekly.
  2. Reduce wear and tear by alternating your sheets for a fresh set once a week to ensure your sheets last longer.
  3. Avoid using bleach. Bleach tends to be too harsh on cottons and natural fibres, and is damaging to the colour and texture of your pieces.
  4. Optical brighteners are safe for use on whites, but we don’t recommend ever using them on coloured materials.
  5. A warm, gentle machine wash is the optimum laundry temperature to clean your linen and ensure all dirt is removed. Always read the care label though as there is often an exception to the rule!
  6. If tumble drying your sheets, pop them onto the bed whilst still warm so the wrinkles smooth themselves out.
  7. Make sure your bedlinen is completely dry before storing in your linen closet to prevent any dampness and mildew.
  8. Keep your linen closet cool and dry. Damp closets result in mouldy sheets!

If you are ever in doubt, visit the Sheridan website or contact the Sheridan Customer Service Team. Sheridan Customer Service: phone 01925 453410.

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