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A guide to caring for your indoor plants

Kieran Birchall, Sydney florist and founder of MyFlowerMan, shares a few simple tips for caring for your plants in the home.

Which plants do you recommend for city living in Australia?

I suggest choosing low maintenance plants such as cacti, succulents and creepers, because they require limited watering and can thrive in room temperature.

Regardless of the plants you choose for your interior, always trim the dead leaves and stems, use quality potting mix, and add food and nutrition when required.

To keep your plants looking good, gently wipe larger leaves with a damp cloth every few weeks as they tend to catch dust while helping to purify the air. It’s important to keep them clean so they can work their magic.

Which plants are best for kids to take care of?

Stay clear of spikey cactus! Succulents are very hardy and are perfect for kids.

Succulent gardens are also fun to create. Choose a low, wide pot and different varieties to create a garden. You can also cut small pieces off a mature succulent and replant – they tend to regrow easily.

Which plants are best for family living?

Any plant which grows easily and requires limited care is perfect for busy families. I would opt for tropical plants which aren’t messy and can be moved around easily depending on your family’s needs. Figs such as the Fiddle Leaf or Congo are great.

Which plants do you suggest for a more sculptural, formal aesthetic?

I love the sculptural and unusual look of the Begonia Rex. For me they are minimal, almost oriental looking and are perfect for a more formal aesthetic. Fiddle Leaf Figs are also sculptural. Once they grow taller you can trim the bottom leaves to give them a more manicured, minimal look.

Which plants do you suggest for a softer, informal aesthetic?

For a more relaxed aesthetic, you can get away with something larger and overgrown. I like the Devils Ivy as it grows so quickly and has a wild look.

For a more relaxed or informal aesthetic, you can get away with something larger and overgrown.

Share your tips for watering plants in the home.

Ensure your potted plants have good drainage. Do your research to ensure what each plant requires, in terms of watering, to prevent over watering them.

If leaves turn yellow, you may be over watering, or they may need more nutrition (plant foods are great for this). I like to add epson salt to the soil of my plants once a month.

As long as you can provide adequate watering, drainage and enough light, plants tend to adapt well to their environments.

My personal aesthetic is uncomplicated, modern and relaxed.

Describe your perfect bedroom space.

A relaxed soft neutral colour palette, ample storage with lots of greenery and personal pieces.

The new mix and match designs align with my personal style for their classic yet contemporary aesthetic, high quality materials and functionality. In all design, from clothing to furnishings, I look for the best in both aesthetic and purpose, which Sheridan does so well. Sheridan is iconically Australian and that’s something both my personal style and the MyFlowerMan brand both relate to and reflect.

Describe what beautiful Australian living means to you.

Australian living to me is easy living. I spend lots of time outdoors surfing, playing golf and meeting friends. So when I’m home I want it to be comfortable, have a functional open space, with a relaxed vibe.

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