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Bringing the outdoors in

Kieran Birchall, Sydney florist and founder of MyFlowerMan, shares his advice for plant styling at home.

Plants transform a house into a home.

Plants and greenery add life, personality and positive energy to a home.

The plants you are drawn to say a lot about your personality. Similar to the art hanging in your home, plants can be used as an expression of your individual taste and style.

Having plants around your home can help improve the air quality and reduce carbon dioxide levels, which is shown to help increase productivity and energy levels.

Different ways to bring plants into the home.

Assess your space and decide what would work best for you, and also how much time you have to care for them.

I would suggest if you choose small plants, cluster them in groups of three or as a general rule stick to odd numbers. Choose a variation of textures, heights and tones of green. Try cacti and succulents as they require very limited watering and care and always look great.

With hanging plants, it’s a good idea to have an outdoor area where you can take them when they need to be watered, without making a mess. For exaggerated draping go with Devil’s Ivy or Dichondra Silver Fall.

For larger statement plants I always go for Fiddle Leaf Figs, Philodendron Congo, or something unusual like Begonia Rex. One of my new favourites is the Rubber Fig (or Rubber tree). They have a deep dark green leaf and look nice in grey or concrete pots.

Enhance your health and wellbeing with plants.

Having plants around your home can help improve the air quality and reduce carbon dioxide levels, which is shown to help increase productivity and energy levels.

For me personally, having a beautiful space to work in enhances my creativity, and plants help to keep me relaxed. Plants truly add life to a space.

I always have plants in my home - I feel it makes for a more calming environment.

Plant styling.

When it comes to styling your plants, I would take a organic approach. Choose plants you like the look of, because they will add to the overall styling of your home and you have to look at them everyday! I’m always moving my plants around, clustering them in odd numbers, seeing where they look best and also what they like best with regard to sunlight.

Fully-grown plants can add such an impact and make a statement in your space, whether it’s large or small. If you are space limited living a smaller apartment, add touches of greenery on your desk, side table or even windowsill.

The pot or vessel you choose also determine how the plants look together. I suggest choosing various textures and variations of one colour or style. I like handmade ceramics, concrete pots and anything with an industrial feel, such as steel and copper.

Mix and match designs with plant styling.

With any personal space it’s important to incorporate texture, plants and designs that speak to you and can be personally adapted to the lifestyle you enjoy.

The new Sheridan mix and match designs enable you to be creative with your home, giving the freedom to style and choose the best mix of products for your space. I like having the ability to change them in and out when I feel like a refresh. I’m constantly rearranging my home so I enjoy that flexibility.

Key trend: greenery and succulents in the home.

I remember my mum having plants throughout our house growing up. We had them hanging in the bathroom and had large potted plants in our living room. The trend seemed to move on but I’m really glad it’s made a come back so strongly. I work with plants and flowers everyday and love how they add happiness and a calming energy to a space.

The most popular plants at the moment are Fiddle Leaf Figs and any potted mixed succulents. I’m always tying to find more unusual types to keep it interesting.

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