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From Brushstroke To Bed – Introducing Long Plains

Our art beds bring to life our design team’s journey through South Australia. As they find fresh interpretations of beauty through art, design and nature.

Head Designer, Bec Burnard takes us through the design journey for creating our art beds.

Could you take us through the process of creating artwork for our art beds?

Art beds are created using a few different approaches. Some designs come to life while the textile designers are drawing or painting on location, or we take lots of photos which are then used as a reference for creating artwork back in the Sheridan Sydney Design Studio. We experiment with a number of artistic techniques and create plenty of artwork before designing an art bed.

How do you decide on what hues to use?

The colour palette for our Long Plains bed was directly inspired by the time of day we visited the Flinders Ranges. At dusk, the colours were greyed off by the coming of nightfall. The bright coral earth softened in the evening light to the pinky hue used in the artwork. This pink tone, combined with the blues and greys made for a subtle yet impactful palette.

How do you come to conceptualising the artwork?

Sometimes we create an art bed by painting or drawing different elements separately. First by hand and then composing the artwork digitally. Other times an artwork is either painted or drawn and then simply scanned and used, as is on the bed. The approach is a part of the design process and allows the design team to produce an infinite amount of ideas each season. Editing and curating the beautiful artwork is always the challenging part!

What comes first, the inspiration for the collection, or the artwork?

We begin each season by exploring an area of Australia, this give us a unique lens and allows us to be inspired and excited about the new season. We combine this with our trend forecasting and research to create a seasonal direction. The artwork creation is happening alongside, whilst we are on the road and back in the studio.

How does the artwork then get printed onto a quilt cover, does this process take a lot of back and forth to get it right?

We scan our artwork to create digital files that are then sent for printing onto fabric. We then receive ‘strike off’ which is a small section of the design printed onto fabric, which we then check for colour and printing technique. We then wait for the prototype and we finally get to see the complete bed!

How does it feel to see your beautiful pieces brought to life on a bed?

When we create ‘panel’ designs, meaning that the artwork is engineered to the bed, it is always exciting to see the prototype as it’s the first time we see the whole bed at the large, real life scale. It’s always really exciting! We also love seeing the campaign imagery, either on a store window or online. The bed is completed with the room styling and it really completes the look, through beautiful photos.