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Crafting our iconic designs: Millennia

In our 50th year, we continue to uphold a legacy of superior quality products and in-house original artistry, created in the Sheridan Sydney Design Studio.

We take a moment to celebrate the making of Millennia, one of our most iconic designs, with our Head of Design, Mark Travers

‘Less is more’ is well-known maxim and it’s a philosophy that the designers working on the now iconic Millennia design, back in 2000, followed to the letter in eliminating anything we thought unnecessary.

The first ground breaking development was the fabric. 100% superior long staple cotton was woven into a luxurious 1200 thread count sateen stripe. This was one of the first high thread count fabrics in the market and took months in development, working with the mill technicians and design to develop such a high thread count weave with the required simple, uncomplicated look and the optimum weight.

Once we had the fabric underway, the next step was the specialised finishing to give the fabric it’s luxury sheen and pliable softness.

After that came the crucial testing phase to deliver on the Sheridan quality standards. Some say our testing procedures are excessive, but we say that they are essential. Our pilling tests abraded this new fabric 2,500 times, compared to the Australian industry standard of only 1,000 times. Doing this ensured the chosen yarn was resistant to breaking and pilling.

We washed and tumble dried the sheets and quilt covers 100 times compared with the Australian standard of 3 times. This tested for shrinkage and colour fastness, and made sure the design would last and last.

Sheridan is one of the only bed linen brands with such high quality that we can confidently recommend a tumble dry finish.

Millennia pass all quality tests with flying colours. This extensive work made sure that we could deliver an easy care product to our customers. We needed to know that when Millennia was washed and tumbled dried in the home, it would still perform to fit and look and feel amazing, just like the rest of our Sheridan product collection.

The final design of the Millennia Sheets, Pillowcases and Quilt covers was kept rigorously simple. Where they do occur, decorations have been pared back to unobtrusive stitch lines and subtle borders. The beauty of these simple pieces lies in their versatility.

Timeless and classic, they can be matched back to almost anyone’s style. The result is one of our best-selling designs which has become a “must have” that our Sheridan customers return to again and again.

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