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Curated Colour – Carbon with Megan Morton

In the next installment of our Curated Colour series, Megan explains how to add carbon to your home.

This season, our designers envisioned carbon as adding depth in the home. How would you use carbon to add depth to a space?

Using a tone like carbon works best as a punctuation or a complete integration. So, use it sparingly for impact, or lavishly for sophistication. I personally like to have a dominance of darker shades and then a sprinkling of lighter tones. Carbon is a colour to be confident with!

What do you love about carbon?

Carbon is such a forgiving colour. I often tell young families to embrace it because unlike black, which shows marks, carbon is so much more capable when it comes to busy (read; messy) family life. If you are without small people or paws, just know you’re going to save on cleaning and maintenance!

Given carbon is a neutral colour, what other palettes would you recommend styling carbon with?

Carbon has so many best friends – some thought starters are merlot, powder blue, marshmallow breath and MG green (vintage sports car).

How would you balance the dark tones of carbon?

White eggshell tones for harmony and balance or ice gallery white for a contemporary take on a monochromatic room.

What are the benefits of having the colour carbon in your home?

Sophication in seconds! Carbon brings its own level of quietness and elegance. It cleverly can add an unexpected level of calmness, despite its dark qualities.