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Expertly woven: matelasse weaves

Certain words are designed to be spoken aloud; they use the full weight of one’s mouth to spell them out. Matelassé is one of them.

You use the tip of the tongue and the back of your teeth and your lips, and it sounds just as indulgent as it feels. Ma-te-lassé. The word is French—meaning quilted or patterned—and as a weave, it’s incredibly luxurious.

Matelassé bed linen has its roots in Portugal, in family-run mills which span generations.

At Sheridan, the complex weave has become something of a signature — our Master Weaver and in-house artists still work with highly experienced Portuguese mills to produce it. Using a double cloth construction, passed down between generations, these small mills create a highly textural, 3D quilted effect, fusing nostalgia with modern innovation.

This weave is the kind of heirloom you pass onto your children. It’s sturdy and soft and constructed with care, an ode to our dedication to technical perfection.

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