How To

Six steps to creating the perfectly organised linen cupboard. We share our secrets.

The linen cupboard tends to be the messiest part of the house that we dread tidying and often avoid. In the video below, we share our secrets to create a perfectly organised linen cupboard.

Follow these six steps for the perfectly organised linen cupboard:

Step 1: Preparation is key

Start by pulling everything out of your linen cupboard, and clean the shelving and lining before you begin. Make sure it’s completely dry before you replace your linen – dampness is the cause of mould, mildew and stains.

Step 2. Order and group items according to use

Think about how often you use each item in the cupboard. Place everyday items such as sheets and towels on the most accessible shelves at eye level, and less frequently used items such as bed accessories and beach towels at the top of the linen cupboard as you will probably only reach for them seasonally.

Step 3. Organise your sheet sets and quilt cover sets

The next step is to group your sets of sheets and quilt covers together. Start by correctly folding your sheeting – often the most challenging part of the linen cupboard – in particular your fitted sheets. Once your sheets have been folded, place your flat and fitted sheets with pillowcases inside their coordinating standard pillowcase. Likewise with your quilt covers sets. This will keep each set together and easily identified.

Step 4. Create tidy towel stacks

Organise your towels by bathroom, colourway or size – whichever you prefer. Arrange them into tidy stacks with each towel folded in the same way, keeping all towels together on one shelf.

Step 5. Rotate items seasonally

Store your winter weight linen such as flannelette sheeting and heavier bed accessories away during the warmer months. During summer, place your beach towels at eye level for easy access when they’re most in use.

Step 6. Add the finishing touches

Place some bicarb soda at the back of the cupboard to absorb any unwanted odours – it’s a tried and tested method which has been used for generations.
Add in any remaining items and then you’re done – a perfectly organised linen cupboard.