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Stylist Megan Morton on interior styling with white

The Megan Morton Mathematics ‘Three Degrees of Colour’ isn’t restricted to Heather as we have previously explored. Its genius covers the colour wheel.

Most of us select neutrals (this season’s Dove, Flax, Smoke, Stone, Marl and Fog) as our first port of call so I thought it would be the right time to put our three degrees of colour to the test with the Queen bee of all colours – WHITE

Some call it ivory, others eggshell, snow or blanc. Whatever tone of this magic hue you choose chances are it will be notoriously tricky to nail first time.

Some call it ivory, others egg shell, snow or blanc. Whatever tone of this magic hue you choose, chances are it will be notoriously tricky to nail first time.

When you are working with white (and other neutral shades for that matter) the only thing you need to remember is to go heavy handed. You see when it comes to how we perceive colour, the more unusual tones that we don’t view day to day become more magnified to the eye.

White is a perfect example of this. Your decorating efforts can be quickly dismissed when the neutrality of white cancels itself out. Whereas the braver tones (think Smoke) can handle themselves a little more given the surrounding elements they are placed within.

So how to control and get the colour pallette really right? It is simply choose a colour, love it, stick with it and see how it gobbles or deflects attention in the room.

The same rules apply to our dear decorating BFF; white.

Accent a little

Use it sparingly… add a hint of white and watch it make the air in the room feel a little lighter. It can work beautifully against dark palettes, in the same reverse way that black works with all white.

Enhance some more

Up the ante a little bit more with a more generous use of neutrals/white, it not only makes your other colours work harder, it also gives them a place to be seen.

Immerse yourself

Be fully immersed… white on white on white and channel your inner Scandi.

The beautiful thing about this ‘Three Degrees of Colour’ decorating strategy is that it is something you will always improve upon.

The more you see it, the more your eyes become attuned to it, the more colour confidence you will develop. In addition, it never leaves you; you just keep adding to your visual repertoire until it becomes second nature.

Herein lies the real genius of the strategy. Especially when it comes to the almighty White. Its power is in its blitz and cleansing properties, and then its genus when you layer texture, much like a winter landscape, through roughs, smooths, heavy and light weight, starched and nubbly.