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Luxury Living With Rhiannon Taylor From In Bed With

Rhiannon Taylor – Founder of In Bed With – travels around the globe staying in some of the world’s most luxurious hotel rooms. Rhiannon discusses the best thing about hotel luxury.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you created the concept of In Bed With?

I’m a commercial photographer and have been shooting in the interiors, lifestyle and travel space for over 10 years for publications and clients around the world. I started In Bed With four years ago as a creative project focused around my passion for interior design and travel. I was lucky enough to already be travelling to gorgeous hotels for work and started documenting them on the website. It grew quickly because it seems there are a lot of people who also love a sexy hotel and a great bed!

These days we see a lot of travel bloggers, how did you cut through and create a successful brand?

For me, the aim was never to be a travel blogger as I was already established in my career as a photographer. It was really an outlet to share my assignments in a creative way. But the tongue-in-cheek concept really resonated with my audience and the brand grew into something much bigger than I expected. I think this is because I approached it as a hobby and passion which meant I stuck to the roots of the concept – focusing on boutique hotels. I made sure that we didn’t dilute the brand, which was essential in the audience growing and keeping them engaged. I also think having my skill, being a commercial photographer and being able to produce high-level content also helped us cut through a heavily saturated market.

Roughly how many hotel rooms would you say you’ve spent the night in?

I honestly couldn’t count, but we do have a core focus on finding great boutique finds and prefer quality rather than quantity. But, I do a lot of travel and I think my tally for last year was around 50.

How do these compare to the feeling of sleeping in your own bed?

Well I’ve had the privilege in sleeping in some of the best hotel beds in the world. There are lots of great hotel brands who invest in sleep doctors, signature linen sprays etc. So, the bar has been set really high, which is why I set about making my own bed at home as good as the luxury hotels we feature. That includes a brilliant mattress and divine sheets like the Masterson Collection.

You’ve spent a lot of time in some of the world’s most luxurious hotel rooms. What have you noticed about their bed linen?

A great hotel linen set always focuses on top quality cotton with a high thread count. This is not only essential because they’re often changing the sheets daily and need them to withstand a lot of wear and tear, but also because it so fabulous to sleep on.

After sleeping in our Masterson bed linen, how does this compare to all the hotel bed linens you’ve experienced?

It really is like you’re in a hotel bed. The thick cotton feels like liquid silk on the skin which gives that hotel feeling and sense of escapism. It’s divine.

What are five tips on getting the best night’s sleep when travelling?

I take a linen spray (I like Jo Malone’s Acqua Di Limone) so that you have a familiar scent around you.
Ask if the hotel has a pillow range – most hotels have a selection of hard, medium and soft. It’s worth it so you can sleep as close to how you would at home.
Stop using your phone about an hour before bed. It’s really helped me both at home and on the road get to sleep better.
Figure out the hotel room’s light switches. This might sound very boring and practical, but some suites light switches can be a nightmare to work. Makes it much easier in the night.

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