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Curated Colour – Rosewood with Megan Morton

In the first of our Curated Colour series with Megan Morton, we discuss how rosewood can add warmth to your home.

What is the best way to add rosewood into your home if it’s the first time you are introducing this hue?

Rosewood is best suited to spaces that either have an air of richness, or are devoid of it! I would keep it to rooms and schemes that require inner warming.

Rosewood was inspired by the sunset over the Flinders Ranges. What thoughts and emotions come to mind when thinking of Rosewood as a hue?

Having recently been in Norway with -4 degree temperatures, all I can think of is, yes yes yes! Sunrises are universal, and the beautiful crimson tone can be seen all around the world. During my time in Norway I was actually thinking warm thoughts, and memories of my old guest bedroom of merlot and peach colours.

This season our rosewood collection is about adding touches of texture and creating warmth in the home. How would you recommend adding textures into your home?

I would suggest mindfully selecting your hues and working within the colour range over two or three different textures, like wool, linen and flax.

How does rosewood create warmth?

Rosewood can create lots of warmth, so beware, it can get hot in there if you overdo it. On the other hand, if you do have a cold room, adding rosewood along with the right furniture could be your helping hand. I love blackened metals and harsh wood stains with this hue, or the total opposite finish, which for me would be bleached oaks and white veneers.