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Sleeping on silk with Gemma Watts

Beauty expert and writer, Gemma Watts shares her bedtime routine with us, and why she loves sleeping on silk.

As a beauty expert, how important is sleep to you, and how do you prepare for a great night’s sleep? 

Sleep is SO important to me. I used to think it was very cool to be busy all the time and work through the night, but I love nothing more than a good eight hours now. My big issue is physically switching off, so I go through a whole routine before bed- skincare, sleep tea, pillow spray, a good book, the works. It probably sounds a bit excessive but it helps me to stretch out the time between looking at my phone and my head hitting the pillow.

How often do you sleep with silk pillowcases and an eye mask, and what are some of the benefits that you notice?

Honestly, I use both every night. Silk is the best thing for your skin. If you sleep on cotton, you’ll often find that you wake up with pillow creases on your skin. While these are fine every so often, over time they’ll actually become wrinkles. Silk is also beautiful for your hair as it doesn’t produce the friction that cotton causes, and a silk eye mask actually allows any night creams, eye creams or serums to sink into the skin far more effectively than they otherwise would.

I move around a bit in my sleep so my eye mask never stays on all night, but I love using it anyway as it’s part of that whole “ritual” idea I touched on earlier. It’s definitely a mental thing but if I’ve physically placed a mask over my eyes, I don’t feel tempted to reach for my phone while I’m in bed. It’s as though I’m telling myself “okay mask is on, it’s time to sleep now. No more Instagram.”

If there were be one essential thing you’d have in your sleeping beauty routine what would it be and why?

At risk of sounding like a broken record, my silk pillow slips. Once you’ve been using them for a while, nothing really feels right any more.

How long have you been an advocate for sleeping with silk for, and how did you discover the benefits?

I’d say somewhere between 2 and 3 years. I’m so lucky that I get to try out so many products as part of my job, and while some of them don’t make it into my regular routine, silk quickly became a bedtime stalwart for me.