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Introducing our new Super Soft Tencel® Cotton

Meet our newest sheeting innovation, Super Soft Tencel® Cotton.

We’ve combined premium Tencel® with luxurious long-staple cotton to create a sheet with superior softness and lustre, for the most decadent sleep experience.

Redefining softness and drape, our latest sheeting innovation unites two winning fibres: man-made Tencel® and the finest quality long staple cotton. Super-soft and breathable, this luxurious fabric is far more complex than it looks. Manufactured in an eco-friendly manner from the wood of the eucalyptus tree, we love Tencel® for it’s properties of softness, absorbency and drape.

Know for its lustrous sheen, Tencel® absorbs moisture fast and has anti-bacterial properties, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

The ultimate collaboration, we’ve combined Tencel® with the finest long-staple cotton to enhance the inherent qualities of both fibres, Premium Tencel®, known for its lustrous sheen, absorbs moisture fast with long staple cotton increases strength and longevity.

Our Super Soft Tencel® Cotton Sheeting offers the best of both worlds, with a luxuriously soft hand feel, beautiful lustre and superb drape, making for the most decadent sleep experience.