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The Making Of Masterson – The World’s Most Luxurious Bed

As we introduce Masterson to our luxury range of bed linen, we discuss with Head Designer Mark Travers the creation and craftsmanship behind the new design.

Our design ‘Millennia’ has been around, as the name suggests, since the year 2000. No small feat in this highly competitive industry. Crafted from our highest quality cotton with a 1200 thread count, it is a remarkable fabric and it has, without question, stood the test of time.

I am fortunate enough to be able to work on new developments using these beautiful quality cotton yarns at the highest thread count level and this season I had the opportunity to develop a new dobby weave that would sit alongside our famous ‘Millennia’.

I wanted to create something new for the customer who has been living with and replenishing Millennia over the past years...

Something that could be an addition to their linen collection and at the same time complement the 1200tc stripe aesthetic. It felt right not to move too far from the successful formulae and also not wanting to separate the customer, the idea of ‘Masterson’ came into being.

It seems, in retrospect, like such an obvious next step from the ‘Millennia’ design, to increase the width of the stripe in the pattern… but this decision was almost serendipitous.

My main aim was to showcase what I feel is the incredible beauty of the fabric and what can be achieved by weaving.

My one uncompromising request to the mill was to throw as many sateen yarns to the surface of the stripe as possible. It is meant to shine, and I wanted the contrast between the matte and shine stripe to be as vivid as possible.

I feel in this design the stripe becomes a ribbon of light, the quality of the cotton yarn and the invisible techniques of the weaver are given an amazing showcase in which to shine. Masterson came together with a true sense of luxury and confidence.

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