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Why you need Tencel® sheets in your life

The tactile nature of bedding makes shopping for sheets a very personal experience. It’s all about how your sheets, pillows and fabrics feel when paired against your skin.

Combining the superior softness of Tencel® branded Lyocell with the durability of cotton, meet our latest sheeting innovation, Super Soft Tencel® branded Lyocell Cotton.

Sustainably soft

The appeal of Tencel® branded Lyocell is in its inimitable softness, beautiful sheen and relaxed, draped look. Although a manmade fibre, eco-friendly Tencel® branded Lyocell has a reputation for sustainability, relying on very minimal water usage during production.

Skin friendly and moisture wicking

Ideal for sensitive skin, Tencel® branded Lyocell’s antimicrobial and absorbent properties wick away moisture, leaving you feeling refreshed all through the night. Unlike other synthetic fabrics which can cause unwanted skin reactions, Tencel® branded Lyocell is ultra-soft and skin friendly. With a silky smooth feel, it’s more gentle than regular cotton and wool, reducing the likelihood of irritation. This impressive fibre is also highly breathable and temperature regulating, allowing you to stay cool in summer and warm throughout winter.

Increased comfort and durability combined

To create a more luxurious sleep, we combined lustrous Tencel® branded Lyocell with the finest quality long-staple cotton to enhance the inherent qualities of each fibre. These long-staple cotton fibres ensure a superior weave for stronger sheets with minimal pilling. Redefining softness and drape, the introduction of cotton increases the durability and longevity of Tencel® branded Lyocell. This pairing offers the best of both worlds with a luxuriously soft hand-feel, superb sheen and natural breathability.

The best of both worlds

Our Super Soft TENCEL® Sheet collection includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and a pair of standard pillowcases. Combining two winning fabrics; Tencel® branded Lyocell and finely woven cotton, you’ll love the superior softness and strength of this ultimate collaboration. Available in a crisp white, muted grey or pastel blue, this beautiful sheet set will work effortlessly into your existing bedroom decor.