How to style a luxury bed (video)

This video guide will show you how to create a luxury bed using Sheridan's Millennia luxury bedding. Begin by placing the fitted and flat sheets on your bed. tightly tuck in the bottom corners, leaving the top sides of your flat sheet un-tucked. then pop your duvet (quilt) in your duvet cover, and place it on top of your bed, folding over the top quarter of the duvet. Layer your top sheet over the duvet cover.

Creating a beautiful luxury look is all about formal, symmetrical structure. Start with two European tailored pillows, then place a European pillow sham in between at the top of the bed. Next, for subtle contrast, add two tailored pillowcases. Then, place two standard pillowcases in front of the tailored. Position them all upright, so that when you stand back from the bed, you can see the detail on all of the pillows.

For the final touch, the vision of luxury is created by the subtle layering of texture. Fold the bed cover symmetrically and place under the turned over duvet cover and flat sheet. The Millennia Collection can be found here > >

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