The complexity of the weave – meet Beadmore

 beadmore - cotton matelasse

Meet Beadmore. The most complex weave we have ever created. Beadmore is emblematic of our obsession with perfection. Every weave, stitch and thread has been considered.

The 100% Egyptian cotton matelasse from Portugal is a double cloth weave featuring botanical outlines, inspired by the Tasmanian landscape and the flora found there. The botanicals are gently outlined on the white ground in a charcoal hue for a modern take on the floral design, maintaining a neutral feel.

The skill taken to weave this design is evident in its eclectic pattern, talking directly to our seasonal theme of ‘Beyond the Surface’. The design was hand drawn by our team of in house artists at the Sheridan Sydney Design Studio, then translated into the intricate weave by our Master Weaver, who’s unparalleled level of craftsmanship brought this floral to life in the most detailed, textural and intricate way.

Beadmore is a celebration of artistry. A nod to our unwavering dedication to our craft.

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- Quilt Cover

- Standard Pillowcase (pair)

- European Pillowcase

 beadmore - cotton matelasse

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