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What makes you happy?

At Sheridan, we think we know a thing or two about design. We’re known worldwide for our beautifully designed, quality products – products that make homes just a little bit happier – but we wanted to go a little bit further than our products this time. When it comes to design features, we wanted to know: what makes people truly happy? Can the design features of a room have a positive impact on a person’s wellbeing? And what would the British public vote on as the key feature – the piece of design to really make a room sparkle?

We surveyed two hundred/one thousands of our customers asking, ‘what makes you happy?’ These survey results work as a guide for design. See how the British public relate to their rooms, and see how you match up when it comes to personal style. Have a look at our most interesting findings in the following posts:

The Psychology of Design

When it comes to room design, there are certain features which make us happy. An angled lamp in the corner will perhaps make us feel warm and cosy; plump fresh towels on the bed might make us feel welcome and fresh. We wanted to know if the features of a room – ranging from small stylish flourishes to broader design choices – had an impact on a person’s happiness. What do people need from a room to feel happy? And does this vary across the country, between age ranges or between sexes?

Sheridan Bedroom - What makes you happy?

New Year, New Room

Following that, we wanted to explore how positive design features could reinvent a room for the New Year. It’s January, and that means people want reinvention, they want self-improvement, and they want things to feel fresh. So how could the New Year, with all its excitement and promise, be reflected within home design? How do you make a bedroom feel new? We asked the British public which design features were the most crucial for changing the feel of a room. The idea was to find quick style wins for people who can’t change the structure of their rooms as such, but wanted smaller touches to really make a room shine.

Compromising on Style

In a perfect world, we’d all design our rooms to our exact style needs and specifications. That doesn’t always work, however, when partners are involved. Do you take into consideration your partner’s style when it comes to the happiness of design? We wanted to ask the British public about flexibility, compromise and personal style decisions. Do you design your room considering your partner or yourself? And for the latter, are you driven by personal style, comfort or design trends?


Sheridan Bedding - What makes you happy?

What We Want in Bedding

Finally, we wanted to know what part bedding played in maintaining a positive room space. What does the British public look for in bedding? Is comfort key, or are people more drawn to other features, like colour, or fabric? We explore how bedding can really bring a room together.

We start this 4-part study into what makes us happy with "The Psychology of Design". We ask - which design features make you happy?

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