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New Year, New Room

It’s New Years at last, and for many, that means a fresh start. Often, this means making some changes to the home. There are numerous ways to spruce up a room to make it feel fresh and exciting; small design flourishes which give a sense of luxury and inspire happiness too. It can be daunting to design, and we wanted to know how the British public went about this – what are the little design flourishes which provide the home improvement wins?

With 2016 here, it’s time to look at those New Rooms:

How would you freshen up a bedroom for the New Year

Need a New Room? It’s time to de-clutter

Of those surveyed, the majority of respondents – that’s 36% - listed de-cluttering a room as the easiest way to freshen it up. This makes sense – throwing away things you no longer use or want is an easy to make an old room feel bigger. There’s something cathartic about throwing away unwanted stuff – a real feeling of cleaning out the old you to make room for the new, and this feeling plays right back into room design psychology. With extra space, comes extra freshness, and room to grow – important when it comes to the New Year!

Luxury Floral White Pattern Quilt Cover

Elsewhere, 18% of those surveyed went for a new coat of paint, and a further 10% voted for new carpets and curtains. Whilst it’s true these features would instantly make a room feel fresh, it’s not always practical to get new carpets in and paint a place right after the costly Christmas season. Perhaps this is why the public was more drawn to de-cluttering?

Small Changes make a Big Difference

Conversely, 18% of the vote – that’s almost 1 in 5 – seemingly went in the opposite direction, not de-cluttering but adding more items to a room! Small touches, such as pillows, rugs, and fresh towels, would replace existing worn out items – this isn’t about adding to a room, more changing what’s already within it. New towels are a perfect way to make a room feel fresh. There’s nothing better for a guest to find luxurious new towels waiting for them on their bed. Rugs and pillows help to make a room feel cosier – which in turn, makes a room feel happier.

Luxury White Towels with blue stripes

Only 1 in 10 respondents would improve a room with new bedding. This seems unfortunate – providing pristine bed linen is a great way to update a room.

In the next section we look at gender roles and relationships. Who makes what decisions when it comes to bedroom design?

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