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Who’s the Designer?

The furnishings and décor we have to live with day in, day out are, you would think, quite an important part of our lives. But there’s a problem. What happens when you’re in a relationship, and you both have differing views on colours, patterns and furniture? You could compromise, of course, but when does compromise ever produce outstanding, bold results? Alternatively, you could entrust the task to the person best able to do it, which might mean you or your partner. Or possibly, you might be the kind of person who lets your partner have their way for a quiet life – even if you hate what they come up with.

There’s only one way to find out how the creative task is apportioned between couples – ask. Here’s what we found.

Compromising on decor in the bedroom

At first look it seems we’re a nation that is willing to compromise, with 73% of us sharing the design at least some of the time, and just 27% of us either grabbing or relinquishing all control.

But interestingly, those of us who claim to hand all or most of the power to our partner only add up to 12%, compared to 55% who like to have all or most of the power. Why is this interesting? In a completely random sample of respondents, you’d think that the number claiming to be the inspired ones and those claiming not to be would be more or less the same, as each relationship presumably contains two people who apportion the responsibility as befits their design hunger. In other words, the 22% who always do the designing should be matched by 22% who never do it.

Comfortable luxury bedding from Sheridan

So that must mean that we tend to think we have more input than we actually do. Perhaps some people believe a reluctant nod at a colour swatch before returning to Candy Crush Saga is a sign that they’re in charge of décor. (And their partners are probably happy to let them think it.)

When split by sex, it’s clear that it’s women who perceive themselves as the creative ones, as they view themselves as much less likely to compromise. Only 5% of women claim to hand most of the responsibility to their partner; but 40% of men say they take control.

Who makes design decisions - men or women?

So in conclusion, most of us get exactly what we want in our home décor.

Finally, what features will you be likely to look for in your next bedding set? The last part asks you what you want in bedding...

Part 4: What we want in bedding > >

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