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What we want in bedding

While we’re not saying everyone is as obsessive about bedding as Sheridan, an unquestionable truth is that it’s one of those purchases that definitely is not a snap purchase. People who care about getting a good night’s sleep certainly don’t scrimp on quality, something they’re reminded of every time they have the misfortune of sleeping over at the home of a friend who doesn’t share their idea of comfort.

Sheridan Millennia Luxury Blue Duvet Cover & Pillowcases

But what exactly are the qualities we look for when we choose our own bedding? It’s an interesting question, because while we’ve always assumed quality is the number one concern, there are other factors that influence buyers’ decisions, and many people might be prepared to sacrifice comfort for other signifiers of quality.

We asked our respondents what was the main consideration when they were buying bedding. The top five answers are as follows:

Chart - considerations when you are buying bedding

The results confirm our suspicions that it’s softness and comfort that are the largest influencers when we’re buying bedding. It’s no surprise since we spend about a third of our lives tucked up in bed, and because we know what a huge difference it makes. However, 29% of respondents had the bedding’s visual qualities at the top of the list. Colour and having a style that fits the owner were each the top consideration of 10% of respondents; and having bedding that matches the room was considered more important than comfort in a further 9%.

Traditional white luxury bedding

Appearance ranking so highly might not be a huge surprise in these style-conscious times, and we certainly believe that the look of the sheets is certainly an important factor (which is why there are so many styles). But as the most important factor, it’s interesting to think that appearance is most important in an item that’s usually appreciated when the lights are out.

Another 10% ranked practicality and ease of cleaning above all other factors. For sure, ease of cleaning is important, and sheets should be able to go through hundreds of washes and remain fresh and soft. If you care about keeping good quality sheets at their best for longer, this is indeed a key thing to look out for. In a way, good quality cotton sheets also happen to be easy to care for, so perhaps some or all of those who opted for this category were unwittingly just more “comfort and softness” lovers.

The same applies to the final group, those who rated quality of fabric the most highly (a total of 4%). With quality being almost synonymous with comfort in the world of fabrics, there’s a crossover between this and the main “quality” group.

So to summarise, 71% of respondents put good quality at the forefront, and 29% rate its appearance most highly. Bear this in mind next time a friend invites you to sleep over, and have a list of local hotels handy just in case …

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