How to create a relaxed bed (video)

Start by placing the fitted and flat sheets on your bed. Don't tuck in the flat sheet the whole way. Leave a little bit un-tucked at the top. Then, pop your quilt in your quilt cover and place your quilt on top of your bed loosely allowing it to fall asymmetrically. Losely fold the flat sheet over the top and let it below.

To create a relaxed look, work with odd numbers of pillows. Feature one tailored European and a quilted European pillow with three standard pillows. Arrange the pillows asymmetrically -scattered, rather than formally arranged. To finish, layer a knitted throw and cushion on top of the bed to create a contrasting textural element to your bed. Arrange the throw so that if falls elegantly down the side of the bed. simply toss the cushion on at the end for a casual look.

The key to finishing a beautifully relaxed bed is layering with contrasting tones and textures. Choose complimentary hues for your pillowcases and sheets. The Abbotson Linen Collection featured in the video below is available here >>

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