In the Clouds: Contemporary Bedroom Styling

A white bed sits in a bedroom next to a white chair and bedside table with a vase of flowersA white bed sits in a bedroom next to a white chair and bedside table with a vase of flowers

When it comes to bedding, white might be the most iconic shade of all. No matter where you stand on the minimalist to maximalist scale, there’s no denying that white bed linen has stood the test of time — and that’s not to say white bedding looks haven’t evolved over the years. We prefer to think of this timeless hue as a perfect canvas for interior design trends. We wager that whatever your aesthetic Pinterest board holds, it would pair beautifully with a set of crisp white sheets.

But white bedding doesn’t have to be relegated to a supporting role in your bedroom decor. On the contrary, an all-white bed can be the star of the show (the show being your bedroom). Light, airy, and endlessly versatile, white bedding can lend a soothing, contemporary feel to your space. All you need is some quality bedding (you’ve come to the right place) and a few simple guidelines, and you’ll be relaxing in your own modern oasis in no time.

With the help of our Millennia design, we’re here to share our golden rules for styling an all-white bed.

A close up photo of a white bedA close up photo of a white bed

Step 1: Sheets

As we mentioned earlier, the best place to start your contemporary styling journey is with good quality bedding — and trust us when we say sheets are not the place to compromise on quality. Your sheets are more than likely the piece of bedding you will have the most next-to-skin contact with, so the first step is to find the right sheets for you. In this case, we’ve opted for our Hotel-Weight Luxury cotton sheets. Superior quality cotton, an exceptionally high 1000 thread count and lustrous sateen weave make this a perfect pairing with the luxurious Millennia.

When it comes to styling white sheets, we want our space to feel inviting and visually interesting. The best way to achieve this is by adding depth and texture — and how do we accomplish this? Layering. We want our bed to look plush and enticing, rather than flat.

Our favourite styling trick is to take the top of our flat sheet and fold it back over the top of your quilt cover. This allows you to showcase your beautiful, crisp sheets and adds an extra visual layer to the top of your bedding. Besides, now that you’ve found your new favourite sheets, why not show them off?

Step 2: Quilt Covers

Your quilt cover is the largest piece of this bedding puzzle, meaning it plays a large part in setting the tone for your space. Contemporary styling is all about gentle statement pieces — introducing points of interest that elevate your space without feeling overpowering. This is especially relevant if you want your modern bedroom styling to have a calm and refreshing feel.

For an all-white bedding look, we can’t go past our Millennia quilt cover.  Its minimalist design fits perfectly into the contemporary bedroom style, with a fine shadow stripe that brings a subtle shimmer. You’ve heard about white bed linen brightening up a space, but Millennia really takes it there. It’s the perfect pop of interest we need to keep our white bedding feeling fresh and modern. Crafted from pure cotton blend, it’s crisp and breathable — perfect for year-round layering.

A close up image of a white pillow on a bedA close up image of a white pillow on a bed

Step 3: Pillows & Cushions

Remember when we mentioned we want our bedding to look plush and enticing? This is where our vision really starts to take shape. One of the more customisable elements of your bedding, pillows and cushions come in all shapes and sizes, making them perfect for building up those layers we’re after.

Our top tip for styling pillows and cushions is to work from biggest to smallest. Place your biggest pieces (like European pillows) at the back against the headboard or wall, depending on your set-up. Next, layer your tailored pillows in the middle and the standard at the front of this bedding-sandwich. Finally, top it off with smaller, decorative pieces, like an accent cushion at the front. Ordering your pillows by size will build out your bedding and allow you to showcase every piece.

Have fun playing with the combinations.

An added bonus? Stacking pillows adds height to your bedding, so those of us without a headboard can fake it ‘til we make it.

Step 4: Bed Covers & Throws

bed cover or throw is the cherry on top (or rather, on the foot of the bed). With a variety of looks and feels to choose from, these layers add a nice, cosy element to your bedding. Our pick for a monochromatic moment? Something highly textured, like our Caldwell bedcover with its eye-catching geometric shapes.

When styling throws, we like to drape them over the bed rather than folding them too tightly. By letting the fabric drape naturally, it’ll showcase their texture and make sure they don’t get lost in the layers of white.

7 months ago