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A Guide to Understanding Sheet Thread Count

A collection of spools of thread, all different sizes in neutral grey shadesA collection of spools of thread, all different sizes in neutral grey shades

When it comes to bedding, and sheeting specifically, there's one element that often leaves people confused — yes, thread count. Many have heard the term floating around, but far fewer are confident about what it means.  

You’ve probably found yourself asking — or more likely, you’ve found yourself Googling — what is thread count? What does thread count even mean? Is higher thread count better? 

We spoke with Sheridan’s Quality Control Manager, Yvonne Carbone, to discover the truth about thread count. 

What Is a Thread Count?

First and foremost, it’s important to note that “Thread count is merely a measure of sheet weight,” explains Yvonne. Here at Sheridan, it’s the number of threads woven per 10 square cm (10cm x 10cm), which we use exclusively for our range of cotton sheets. 

What Does Thread Count Mean?

Thread count is less of a meaning and more of a calculation, a simple one at that: the number of threads lengthwise (known as the warp) added together with the number of threads width wise (the weft).  

So yes, there is a reason we've all heard of thread count, as it's a key element when it comes to the way sheets are constructed. 

A pile of white sheets, folded and stacked on top of a white tableA pile of white sheets, folded and stacked on top of a white table

Is a Higher Thread Count Better?

However, as Yvonne explains — and you’re probably still wondering — a high thread count isn’t necessarily better. “Generally, a high thread count means a finer weave. But it’s a common misconception that a high thread count guarantees quality. It’s only one part of the formulation.” 

“It’s more important to look at the quality of the thread, the quality and size of the yarn fibres, and the way the sheet is finished.” 

What is a Good Thread Count For Sheets, Then?

There’s no definitive "winner" when it comes to thread count for sheets. In addition to the elements pointed out by our Quality Manager, our philosophy is when it comes to choosing sheets you’ll love, trust your skin — regardless of thread count. 

Where does this leave us? At Sheridan, we carefully consider every weave, finish and thread count to ensure there’s a sheet to suit you. All you need to do is consider the feel of the sheet. That’s what’ll help you find the best sheet — for you. 

If you’re one for something soft and lightweight, we recommend opting for a sheet like TENCEL™ Lyocell Fibre And Cotton. However, something equally buttery soft against your skin, yet a little heavier, is our 500 thread count Soft Sateen. If your idea of comfort is a luxurious, heavier weight feeling — then look for higher thread counts, like our 1000 thread count and 1200 thread count collections. 

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